The AI Takeover: Hollywood's Upcoming Revolution

Insider scoop 🕵️‍♂️: Having seen the magic unfold at Disney+ myself, I can tell you AI video is NOT messing around!

Insider scoop 🕵️‍♂️: Having seen the magic unfold at Disney+ myself, I can tell you AI video is NOT messing around!

Hey folks, I've got something really cool to share with you. You know how I'm always excited about the latest in AI? I've been diving into this fantastic tech called Gen-2 by Runway. It's a game-changer in video production.

So, what's the big deal about Gen-2? It's an AI system that can create new videos from text, images, or other video clips. Just think about the possibilities!

Remember when AI in video production seemed like a fun experiment? Well, it's growing at an insane pace now. The quality and creativity it's bringing to the table are mind-blowing.

The visuals are high-def, the animations are lifelike, and the storytelling is brilliant. It's even giving human filmmakers a run for their money. And guess what? Gen-2 can make videos in any style, just from a text prompt. Or it can use an image and a text prompt. It's wild!

And here's the kicker: people prefer the results from Gen-2 over other methods for image-to-image and video-to-video translation. Hollywood, you better watch out!

I'll be sharing a series of tweets over the next week on my Twitter @haseebspeaks, diving deeper into this. So stay tuned!

And you know, my time at Disney+ really got me thinking. This, my friends, is the future of filmmaking. It's not just about the tech; it's about making creativity accessible, controllable, and empowering for everyone. And that's precisely what the folks at RunwayML are doing.

So, are you ready for the next step in generative AI for video production? Because I sure am! And to give you a taste of what's to come, check out my thread.

Weekly Roundup:

  1. Leaked: Instagram's new AI chatbot: Instagram is testing a new AI chatbot, "Tako", which is designed to help users find the exact type of content they enjoy. The chatbot is currently in the early stages of testing in the Philippines.

  2. Apple announced an AR/VR headset called Vision Pro: Apple announced a new AR/VR headset called Vision Pro. The device is expected to have a high-resolution display and advanced features for gaming, video streaming, and virtual meetings.

  3. EU leads AI regulation while the US sits on the fence: The newsletter discusses the different approaches to AI regulation in the EU and the US. The EU is leading the way with comprehensive regulations, while the US is yet to establish a clear regulatory framework.

  4. Microsoft is bringing the power of AI to Windows: Microsoft is integrating AI into Windows to enhance user experience. The company also partnered with OpenAI to integrate Bing into ChatGPT, aiming to rival Google.

  5. AI takes Nvidia to almost $1 TRILLION: Nvidia's focus on AI and data centers has led to a significant increase in its market value, taking it close to the $1 trillion mark.

  6. AI21 Labs concludes the largest Turing Test experiment to date: AI21 Labs has conducted a massive Turing Test game, "Human or Not?", with over 1.5 million global participants. The results showed that 40% of human participants couldn’t tell whether they were talking to an AI or not.

Stay tuned for my next newsletter, where I'll dive deeper into my experience using these tools. Until then, happy prompting, and don't hesitate to share your experiences and insights - I'm always learning from all of you!

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